bv2go stands for Berlin traffic to take away or rather to go. Our métier in the first instance is town history and the local traffic in Berlin. Thereby we do have not only specialised in the Berlin Subway, we also do offer visits in industrial monuments or on old traffic ways.

Events Events

For events in unique places we represent exactly the right partner. As location scouts we offer at least the procurance of sites, but we can also upgrade your event with special excursions.

Touren Touren

We show you lost sites and places. Behind the doors of Berlin subway station secrets things are hidden. Some of these doors we are going to open for you. Follow us and experience some unforgettable moments.

Tunnel Toures – On Tracks Tunnel Toures – On Tracks

Do you always wanted to have a walk along the tracks of the subway? We offer this opportunity to you.


(Deutsch) Internationale Reisen

(Deutsch) Internationale Reisen

Posted on Oct 31, 2016

Sorry, this entry is only available in German.

(Deutsch) AGB

Posted on Mar 24, 2016
(Deutsch) Tourenprogramm: Malzreise

(Deutsch) Tourenprogramm: Malzreise

Posted on Mar 24, 2016

Sorry, this entry is only available in German.

bv2go offers extraordinary experiences for everybody. So, tunnel-enthusiasts, are you ready?

For selling the tickets we fully put on online-tickets. Either to print@home, to send via post or to get in various ticket agencies.

You can book tickets for this tour here.
ATTENTION: At the moment the tours is available only in German.

Our Team

The masterminds in the background of bv2go are Kristina Petrow, Axel Mauruszat, Markus Jurziczek and Dominic Poncé

Markus	 Jurziczek

The real railwayman in our team. His hobby is to preserve the historical values of the local traffic. His mix of job and leisure time brings us an extensive knowledge of local traffic’s daily life.

- Markus Jurziczek
Kristina	 Petrow

Our woman in the team is an expert in languages, not only for German. Often seen she takes care not only for our guest but likewise for our partners.

- Kristina Petrow
Axel	 Maruszat

He is our expert for the historical facts, the man with the graphic sense. He also develops the texts for the publications. Not often seen in person his script is everywhere.

- Axel Maruszat